Getting Bored? Get Dizzy!

Getting Bored? Get Dizzy.

By: Sarah Vanderzyden

Boredom is no joke, especially when it comes to the ways in which we plan our daily routine. Often to the exact minute, we wake up, go to work, come home and repeat the process. We fill our gas tanks on the same day, pay bills on the same day, get up at the same hour, eat at the same hours and never consider changing things up. With food, boredom is all the more severe, as our taste buds get tired of our bland choices. We find whatever is in the fridge at home. We write identical shopping lists each week in the order that the grocery store has placed its products. Most people do not realize they are bored with what they are eating and this systematic food-monotony is contributing to an overall lack of interest in individuals’ lives. Weekend plans start and end the same way every seven days, yet none of the participants notice the pattern. It’s easier for a family to order pizza than go out, yet cheese is the only topping everyone likes. There is a chicken breast in the freezer and egg noodles are easy to boil.

If this is something you have encountered, it is safe to say you are not alone. However, this unnoticeable dilemma affecting millions can be altered. For those in the upstate New York region, Dizzy Chicken Wood Fired Rotisserie is the place to visit for a taste of something original and unforgettable. Located at 72 South St. Glens Falls, NY, the business does not disappoint its customers in the areas of taste and atmosphere. Dizzy Chicken owner, Justin Bartlett, prides himself in his ability to blend flavors in a way that is subtle but complimentary, allowing the original flavor of the dish to stand out on its own with the best spices to accent the taste. Paired with these spices, the meat falls off of the bone and is bought and prepared fresh.

All of the meat is smoked at Dizzy Chicken, including the meatloaf. This is what allows the meat to acquire its bold flavor and mouthwatering texture. The smoking process is done using oak and maple logs to provide a more unique flavor profile. With this, a wide variety of meat is cooked in the smoker, allowing for a varied menu catering to all tastes and preferences. This includes the chicken that has inspired the restaurant’s name as well as pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket, meatloaf and many other delicious options. With the great taste and variety, eating at Dizzy Chicken will remind you what you had been missing in food within your daily routine.

The final, yet just as important factor is that Dizzy Chicken is healthy! All of the food is served fresh and free of any added preservatives or mysterious chemicals; spices, sides and sauces included. Keeping everything fresh not only allows the food to speak for itself, but also preserves the nutrition in every dish and avoids unhealthy ingredients.

Can’t wait to try Dizzy Chicken but don’t want to drive? Dizzy also delivers to Queensbury, Glens Falls & South Glens Falls. Planning a party? They cater as well. Call today at (518)-409-4999.