About the Dizzy Chicken Rotisserie Restaurant in Saratoga NY

“Our mission is to put a new spin on barbecue.  We do this by taking nothing but the freshest ingredients and assembling them in unique ways to deliver absolutely delicious food to you.  No use of preservatives or emulsifiers here, everything is made fresh in-house.”

Where the idea came from:

After getting married, Justin spent the next year and a half living in Europe with his wife Maya.  While there Justin had the pleasure of experiencing food in a new way.  Family gatherings started by taking a stroll through the local farmers market and choosing the freshest ingredients that would be prepared that day.  Through Maya’s great cooking and culture, a new motivation was formed.

After returning to the states, Justin attended The Culinary Institute of America and then went on to receive his MBA from Union Graduate College.  Through endless support from his wife, family, and lots of help from God, Justin graduated first in his class at both institutions.  While at culinary school, Justin was running the front of the house at an upscale Mediterranean restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY.   Maya and Justin have combined their years of experience and creative ideas to bring Dizzy Chicken Wood Fired Rotisserie to you.

The Food:  Barbecue With A Twist

Delicious, healthy food is created by transforming fresh ingredients using proper cooking technique and seasoning.  Part of the art of cooking is the ability to subtly blend and layer flavors in a way that accents the main ingredient as opposed to smothering it. Unlike simple gas rotisseries, our rotisserie burns wood as well.  This allows us to add a natural hint of smoke that is the perfect final touch.  Further this style of cooking allows excess fat to drain while keeping the meat tender and juicy.

Often when people think of eating healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is reducing calories.  While this has its place, at the same time the body can be starved of vital nutrients that give us energy and keep us healthy.  By preparing our menu from scratch, we are able to control quality and freshness.  For example, our dressings are prepared using olive oil.  Although olive oil has calories just like any other oil it also has incredible health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk of heart disease.  It is this thought process that not only creates healthy food but also packs the food with flavor.

Experience barbecue in a new way, give our Saratoga location a call for full service dining, take-out and delivery. Don’t forget, order online and save 10% off your first order!  We proudly serve Saratoga, Ballston Spa, Glens Falls, Queensbury, South Glens Falls and Hudson Falls.